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4G-Service a Helsinki-based startup specialized in IoT and sensor network technologies. Our mission is to help companies to monitor and improve their environmental efficiency and we have created a patented environmental measuring system for that, which collects data through third party sensors and mobile devices and gives recommendations for better efficiency.

In the world of IoT, no one can succeed alone and that's why we are big fans of networked business. For that reason we operate our measuring system through the IoT hub platform, where various organizations can boost their own businesses and co-create value to their customers. Our concept is targeted to operators, who can enrich their service offerings.

Our experienced team has background in IT, device manufacturing, sensor networks and business. We have a strong emphasis on research and product development, in order to keep our innovation machine greased. For more information, please send us an email.

Contact Details

Lahden 4G-Service Oy
Maistraatinkatu 5 A L1
FI-00240 Helsinki
VAT ID: FI24754819
Email: info@4g-service.fi

Mr. Kari Pentti
tel. +358 500 610 041
Email: kari.pentti@4g-service.fi